My research interest is in natural language understanding, knowledge base construction, and web-scale knowledge harvesting.

Invited Talks & Tutorials

  • Natural Language Understanding and Knowledge Bases in Finance (and AI Research at Goldman Sachs).
    NEC Labs Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany, January 2019
  • Riesige Mengen von Dokumenten besser durchsuchen und analysieren.
    Bundeszentralamt für Steuern, Bonn, Germany, February 2017
  • Knowledge Bases for Web Content Analytics.
    Tutorial at the 24th International World Wide Web Conference, Florence, Italy, WWW 2015
  • Discovering and Disambiguating Named Entities in Text.
    Fudan University, Shanghai, China. November 2014
  • Discovering and Disambiguating Named Entities in Text.
    HPC Lab at ISTI, CNR, Pisa, Italy. October 2014
  • Constructing a Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Base and using it to Process and Understand Natural Language Text.
    Seoul National University (invited by Saltlux), Seoul, South Korea. August 2013
  • Robust Disambiguation of Named Entities in Text.
    Google Zurich, Switzerland. August 2011


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