Striking a Balance between Dark and Readable

When coding for a long time in a black-on-white editor, I always get problems with unfocused and sleepy eyes. Going white-on-black helps keeping my eyes focused, however reading the code is not as convenient as black-on-white (see for possible explanations). An alternative is to go for black-on-light-gray, which seems to be a good balance for me. My eyes are less sleepy and I can still read code pretty well. To further reduce the glare in my Eclipse, I use a white-on-black theme for the non-editor parts. This is how it looks:

Eclipse with DarkJuno theme and a black-on-gray editor.
Eclipse with DarkJuno theme and a black-on-gray editor.

Create this look in your eclipse following these steps:

  1. Install the DarkJuno theme for a full Eclipse makeover (works with Eclipse 4).
  2. Install the Eclipse Color Theme plug-in.
  3. Download and unzip eclipse-white-on-gray (based on Coding Horror v2 with the background modified to be a darker gray and other minor color adjustments).
  4. Import the unzipped color theme into Eclipse.